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Tailored Training for your needs

Why invest in training

  • Increases employee engagement and motivation
  • Improves skills and confidence
  • Employees feel more valued and supported 
  • Lowers staff turnover 
  • Improves communication and relationships
  • Increases productivity offering a good return on investment



Who are our clients

At TTs we work with both individuals and companies. So if you are an individual who feels that you would like some help and coaching in areas like communication skills, influencing, negotiation or managing relationships with clients or colleagues then we can help.

Working on a one to one basis with a coach who has experience and expertise in these areas, the coaching can take place face to face, or by email or skype over a period of weeks or more often months until you feel that you have the skills and confidence to get the results you want, and if you feel later on you want to come back for more help we would be happy to offer further support.

Increasingly I have been working with individauls  This can be just getting a CV together and finding the best way to market, or interview skills and presentation skills right through to getting a job offer. This is a very flexible service and can be booked on an hourly or module basis, hours are flexible and if you are currently working can be conducted in the evenings.

I have also worked for companies when making redundancies, which can sometimes just be one or two people or maybe a whole department, but everyone is treated and coached on a one to one basis and offered a confidential and supportive service



How did it all start?

During the eight years that I ran a sucessful recruitment agency I found the best way of getting the right team was to recruit individuals with the right attitide and energy and work closely alongside them coaching and training to develop and improve skills. I also became very interested in NLP, having read many books I decided to take my NLP practitioners certificate and then later went on to complete an NLP coaching course as well.

Since  the formation of Tailored Training solutions in 2008 I have been fortunate to work with some great organisations accross many diferent industrustries including Financial and Audit, Estate Agency, FMCG, Legal, Hotel and Leisure, Property and Recruitment. Most of my work has come from personal recommendations.

A lot of the work I deliver is on a one to one basis with is just with me. Although when delivering larger training on Management and Leadership skills I work with other trusted trainers I have worked with previously.



I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people, coaching in various different areas of business.

Most recently I have worked with a Sales Director who was made redundant and he was not having a lot of success in the job market. After initial consultation we met every few weeks, and also communicated by phone and email, whenever he needed support and advice. We worked together for a period of about two to three months, when he was offered not one, but two amazing opportunities, I am pleased to say he is doing well in his new role.

I was recommended to a large FMCG company and asked to help coach one of their graduates who was doing very well, but needed some help on presentation skills, I met the Marketing Director and we set up three sessions to work on improving these skills, they were tailored to him and the role he was in. His confidence and skills have improved in this area and he is now presenting to worldwide audiences, I look forward to watching his career develop.

If you have any areas or problems that you would like to talk through I will give you an assessment of how I think I can help, how long it is likely to take and a cost involved. If I can't help, because I think it is outside of my area of expertise or it might not be a coaching/training issue then I may be able to help by pointing you in the right direction